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My Annual Tradition of “Sleep-Stalking” My Children

While on vacation, I’m catching up on editing personal photos. (Also, I just took A TON of new photos of my children–especially my son–that I still need to get through. I’ll save that editing for the long ride home from Miami.) Every fall, while staying up late to edit client images, I sneak into my kids’ rooms to capture portraits of them sleeping. I only started doing this regularly when my daughter was born, so there are two years missed when my son was one and two–oh well. The bazillion canvases and wood mounts of him floating around the house will just have to do–Mommy still loves you, Baby Boy.

I’m really looking forward to creating some sort of storyboard for each of the kids, years down the road, when I have many more years’ worth of images to arrange chronologically. I think it will be fascinating to watch their little faces change. Maybe I’ll even sneak into my daughter’s room to capture her sleeping as an adult, when she invites me to stay over as a grandmother. I’m guessing that her spouse will find that kind of strange though. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll give it up after I get banned from being anywhere near her room while she’s in high school/college. That seems like an appropriate end to this project, but we’ll see. I’m a determined mother.

My Daughter:

I started out the night by photographing my husband reading a story to my daughter (I also recorded it on video, because I want to be able to pass that onto my daughter one day). I really liked the way the warm night light contrasted with the white/bluer reading light, with the white book pages reflecting light back onto my daughter’s face.

Then, I grabbed the “eyelash shot”:

Washington DC Children

When the images are left in color, they start to look a lot messier, with the distraction of her pajamas and sheets taking away from the features of her face that I want to measure over the years. That’s why I crop tightly and make the image as neutral as possible. Also? Shooting with flash in a dark room doesn’t exactly produce beautiful colors.:)

My Son:

My son doesn’t stop moving much (he’s autistic), so watching him sleep is one of my favorite things to do.:)


Lastly, because I just have to…the Classics:





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