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A Tribute to My Swedish Roots: Pippi Longstocking v3.0

My mom is Swedish. Born there. Has the accent. Likes socialized medicine. The whole deal. I grew up celebrating Santa Lucia, worshipping at the church of IKEA, and visiting my grandparents in Sundsvall.  (We also got to open our presents on Christmas Eve rather than wait til Christmas day–BONUS.) There’s more to the Swedish experience […]

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Another Floridian Christmas

Having grown up in the Midwest, I believe that Christmas should involve snow.  Period. End of story. Too bad for all of you people in tropical climes; your Christmas lacks the very thing that makes it so cozy: COLD WEATHER. However, due to retirement choices made by family members, and the fact that we have […]

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My Boy is Super

As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s not always easy to get great images of my son, despite the fact that I am a photographer, and–more importantly–in spite of his beauty. Yup, I said it. He is a beautiful little boy. His face may be scratched up (he’s kind of rough and tumble and has a very, […]

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A Letter to My Daughter

Sharing something I wrote on my personal blog, because there are photos in it, so it’s kind of photography related, right? Dear Baby D, Before I knew who you would become, I somehow selected the perfect middle name for you: Grace*. You are filled with it, even though you do not yet know this. Last […]

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