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A Tribute to My Swedish Roots: Pippi Longstocking v3.0

My mom is Swedish. Born there. Has the accent. Likes socialized medicine. The whole deal. I grew up celebrating Santa Lucia, worshipping at the church of IKEA, and visiting my grandparents in Sundsvall.  (We also got to open our presents on Christmas Eve rather than wait til Christmas day–BONUS.) There’s more to the Swedish experience […]

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Catching Up: End of 2013 Photo Collage

So I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately with putting together the largest number of client frames in a single month–to date, plus I had to plan my daughter’s fourth birthday party, plus take care of all of those normal holiday “responsibilities”, including troubleshooting pesky Christmas lights that kept going out, travel to Asheville, NC and […]

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My Boy is Super

As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s not always easy to get great images of my son, despite the fact that I am a photographer, and–more importantly–in spite of his beauty. Yup, I said it. He is a beautiful little boy. His face may be scratched up (he’s kind of rough and tumble and has a very, […]

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