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Catching Up: End of 2013 Photo Collage

So I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately with putting together the largest number of client frames in a single month–to date, plus I had to plan my daughter’s fourth birthday party, plus take care of all of those normal holiday “responsibilities”, including troubleshooting pesky Christmas lights that kept going out, travel to Asheville, NC and St. Petersburg, FL. And I still need to bake a ridiculous number of thank-you cookies for all of my son’s therapists. In addition, I’m going to also make a public confession here that I forgot to bring cupcakes to my daughter’s school this week to celebrate her birthday (for the third time in one month!), and had to make a three day late run to the grocery store last night to make amends (although I’m not sure my daughter really felt neglected, given the Hello Kitty birthday balloons that are still floating around our house and the daily advent calendar goodness she wakes up to each morning).

In other words, I haven’t really posted any photos on my blog lately. So I’m going to catch up all at once and post a zillion portraits I’ve captured of Washington DC families, children and babies. Here goes!

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